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Basic Programming In 'C'

For someone who is completely new, the term "programming" means typing words on screen, and a good programmer is one who can type fast. While in fact programming is just opposite. It's more about building logic and a systematic approach to solve a problem. Typing is just 5% of programming, rest of 95% is just thinking and thinking.

If you are completely new to programming and are planning to learn a programming language, then keep this in mind. There are tons of programming languages available, and each of them has their merits and demerits.

I always suggest 'C' to all newbies because not only it's one of the oldest 3rd generation programming language, but it gives a very good idea to basics of programming like datatypes, loops, arrays, functions etc.

Course Description

There are so many languages out there that one may easily become overwhelmed, but the good thing is that the basic concepts of every language remains same. Therefore, in this course instead of focusing on syntax, we emphasize more on logic building and clearing the basics, so that students become flexible enough to easily learn any other programming language on their own.

More time will be spent on making logic for programs based on different real life challenges.

Prerequisites For C

NO prerequisites are necessary for this course. Although it will be more easy for someone who is in habit of using computer daily and knows the basics of it. In other words it's good to first clear the fundamental of computer before pursuing this course. But it's totally fine if you don't want to, you directly begin with 'C'.

Who Should Learn 'C'

If it was upto me then i would make everyone who want to pursue a career in computer learn 'C' first. This course is suitable for beginners like 1st semester students doing courses like B.Sc(IT), BSC, B.Tech(CS) etc. Also school students of class 7th onward should also consider learning 'C'.

Trust me 'C' will give you knowledge about basics of programming like no other language can give.

Features Of This Course

  • Logic Building: The main purpose of this course is to build the basic understanding of not just 'C' but most of the other programming languages. Our main focus will be to help students develop a logical and systematic thinking ability in accordance with machine.

  • Project: Special time will be dedicated to build a real life project using just 'C'. This will be a very effective and satisfying learning experience.

Course Duration and Fees

The standard time and fees required to complete this course is:

Duration: 1 Month and 15 Days

Fees: Rs. 2000 only

Please note that the time limit may increase or decrees depending on the students ability to learn the language.

Syllabus of 'C' Basic Programming

Here is an overview of the topics that will be covered under this course:

  • Overview
  • Data Types
  • Variables and Constants
  • Operators and Enums
  • Decision making
  • Loop control
  • Control flow
  • Arrays
  • Functions
  • String and string functions
  • Recursion
  • Pointers
  • Structure
  • Union
  • Dynamic Memory allocation
  • File Input/Output