Full Stack Web Development course with pyhton Django

Learn to make a website from scratch. HTML5 + CSS3 + js/jQuery + python + django + SQLite all these within 5 months and in just one course

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Rewire Institute Of Computer Science

At Rewire our prime focus is to develop excellent thinking ability and practical approach to solve a problem in every student irrespective of the course he/she may pick. Here are some of the key features that we offer to our students

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Be it a core programming language or some advance framework or technology, each of our course is designed keeping in mind the needs of students with respect to that course. Like, job oriented course such as web development are designed as per corporate needs.

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"Time do not wait for anyone", don't think it too much. Learning is always investment of time and money not a waste. contact us now to book free 3 days demo class for any course and we assure you that it will be worth your time and money.

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Institute is not the only source of our teaching, we try to spread knowledge from our blogs too. From time to time we keep on posting new articles.

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A good teacher is one who is recognized by the name of his students. Don't take our words, see what our students tell about us and decide for yourself.